we get you the best deals Property Negotiation

Once you have selected a property, we can conduct all the negotiations for you, ensuring that we secure the property for the best price possible, avoiding expensive mistakes.

We know and understand the Portuguese real estate market and we speak the language – making sure your interests are always protected.

Closing Your Property For The Right Price

We Know The Importance Of Making The Right Investment!

Determine Your Goals

We will assess if the property meets all your goals and requirements.

Define A Bid Strategy

Is the property overvalued or undervalued? We advice you on the best bidding strategy.

Liaise With Agents & Owners

We will communicate directly with the listing agents and/or owners. We speak the language and understand the local market.

Offer & Terms

We will make recommendations regarding all the terms of the deal ( maximum bid, contract timeline, deposit amount, etc..)

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