We review your selected properties Property Analysis

We will liaise with local agents, property owners and our extensive network to find and review all suitable listings.

The properties you select will be fully reviewed and inspected to make sure they meet your investment standards.

We Provide A Full Property Report

We will visit your selected properties and identify all their pros and cons.


We will schedule visits for properties that meet your criteria and will inspect them in person.

Record Videos & Remote Tours

Based on your needs we can record videos of the properties or provide virtual tours.

Technical Evaluation

For cases where a technical evaluation is required we can provide a full engineering and constructive report.


We will advice you on how much the property is worth and help protect your investment.

Do You Want Us To Visit & Review A Property?

We are fully available and ready to send our property reports!

    HOMZ Portugal provides expert real estate & investment consultancy & we thrive in a client-driven model.

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